We aim to make great beers that are balanced and drinkable - with something for everyone. Keep checking our social media for new beer releases including our TinShed Single-Keg releases!

Tinhouse Series Beers

Available year-round* at the Brewery and in select Locations

Handyman Pale Ale

A British-style pale ale. malt forward, subtle bitterness.

High Knoll Hazy IPA

Juicy East Coast IPA with tons of hops flavour, tropical fruit notes, and subtle bitterness.

My Best Day ISA

Easy finishing East Coast ISA – the baby Hazy IPA!

Run of the Mill Peppercorn Saison

Franco Belgian-style saison with white peppercorn and bitter orange peel. Amber hues. Fruity and spicy.

Swingbridge Porter

Full bodied dry porter with big coffee and chocolate punches.

The Oxford, IPA

A British/West Coast style IPA. Loads of citra hops and balanced maltiness.

Toolbelt Lager

A clean, refreshing pilsner-style lager in the style of 1516.

Wetlands Wheat

This American Wheat Ale is a light, traditionally unfiltered beer, containing 50% wheat malt

Work Boots Brown

A British brown ale. Brewed for the everyday working Joes and Joannes.

Seasonals and One-Offs

Some of our beers are available seasonally, when the brewers feel inspired, or when the stars align.


Barrel-Aged Run of the Mill Peppercorn Saison

Our Run of the Mill Peppercorn Saison cozied up to some white wine barrels, and then was bottle-conditioned for a smooth, complex result.


Barrel-Aged Swingbridge Porter

Our Swingbridge Porter found its way into some bourbon barrels for 6 months, after which it was bottle-conditioned for four more.


Day Shift Mocha Brown

Brewed in collaboration with @ghostroasted coffee, our Day Shift Mocha Brown Ale features a late addition of cold brewed Brazilian full bloom tree dried natural @DaterraCoffee, along with cocao nibs and lactose.


Electric Lotusland Cold IPA

This Cold IPA was brewed in collaboration with Silver Valley Brewing, and Legit Hops. It pours cold and crisp, like a Lager, but hits you with a big tropical fruit hoppiness from the cold addition of Lotus and Azacca hops.

Fall Away Pear Sour


A gorgeous, double soured golden ale – kettle soured with primary lager fermentation, and a secondary lactobacillus souring, after a generous addition of pears – and aged on bourbon oak for a smooth finish.

Feestberen Sour Brown

A Flandrien Oud Bruin, fermented on cherries, with Lactobacillus & Brettanomyces.


Golden Hour Pear Sour Ale

A kettle soured ale, made with golden pears, and a hint of ginger and lime. Super easy drinking sour for a hot summer day.


Higher Knoll Double Hazy IPA

The big brother to our High Knoll Hazy IPA, this is a doozy of deliciousness.


Hitchhiker’s Rye to the Galaxy Rye IPA

Big IPA featuring the subtle spice of Rye malt and lots of Galaxy hops. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Another Beer Co from New Westminster.


Hyde Kriek Cherry Sour

Inspired by Hyde Creek, here in Port Coquitlam, and drawing homage to Belgian Kriek lambic beers, this is a double soured seasonal ale, featuring dark cherries.


Let’s Get Take-Out Thai Wit

Inspired by our favourite take-aways, with ginger, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves.


Low Knoll Dry-Hopped Lager

This easy drinking dry-hopped light Lager was dry-hopped with Citra and Motueka Hops for a crisp tropical-citrus finish. A perfect beer for these warm late summer days.


Mortal Peach Sour Ale

Fruity and refreshing, this peach sour with Lactobacillus and a hint of Vanilla is a sweet-tart way to finish off summer!


Night Shift Latte Stout

Smooth-bodied milk stout with cold-brewed coffee from the AFTERHOURS COFFEE PROJECT.

No.34 Farmhouse Sour

Open-air fermented for over a year, then refermented and bottle-conditioned with Champagne Yeast.

No.34A Barrel-Aged Apricot Sour


Our No.34 Farmhouse Sour aged in oak barrels with apricots. One keg only! 750mL bottles available for a limited time only!

No.34B Barrel-Aged Cherry Sour


Our No.34 Farmhouse sour barrel-aged in oak barrels with sour cherries. One keg only! 750mL bottles available for a limited time only!

No.97 Barrel-Aged Cranberry Wheat

Our Wetlands Wheat ale barrel-aged in bourbon barrels, with fresh cranberries, then bottle conditioned. Lightly tart with a dry finish.

Northside Bitter

An easy drinking English Bitter Ale that’s perfect for the matchday rivalry. And knowing #PoCo like we do, there’s a bit of a Northside vs Southside thing goin’ on.


Poco Pivo Italian Pilsner

Brewed with Adriatic pilsner grains, and lightly hopped with Saphir hops, this slightly-cloudy pilsner boasts a soft mouthfeel and easy finish. Great with food, on a sunny patio perhaps?

Roundhouse Imperial Porter

This rich, bold Porter is sure to keep you warm through these rainy winter days.


Short Game Strawberry IPA

NEW!! A summery take on an IPA, real strawberries make this IPA subtle-ly sweet-tart. Contains lactose.


Shoulder Season Cranberry-Thyme Sour Ale

A kettle soured ale, made with cranberries and thyme. A nice fall treat that pairs well with comfort foods.


Sweater Snag Dark Saison

A collaboration with Dageraad Brewing, this dark French saison features notes of star anise and a hint of black pepper.