Seasonals and One-Offs

Category: Seasonals and One-Offs

Some of our beers are available seasonally, when the brewers feel inspired, or when the stars align.

Fall Away Pear Sour

A gorgeous, double soured golden ale – kettle soured with primary lager fermentation, and a secondary lactobacillus souring, after a generous addition of pears – and aged on bourbon oak for a smooth finish.

No.34B Barrel-Aged Cherry Sour

Our No.34 Farmhouse sour barrel-aged in oak barrels with sour cherries. One keg only! 750mL bottles available for a limited time only!

No.34A Barrel-Aged Apricot Sour

Our No.34 Farmhouse Sour aged in oak barrels with apricots. One keg only! 750mL bottles available for a limited time only!

Poco Pivo Italian Pilsner

Brewed with Adriatic pilsner grains, and lightly hopped with Saphir hops, this slightly-cloudy pilsner boasts a soft mouthfeel and easy finish. Great with food, on a sunny patio perhaps?

Mortal Peach Sour Ale

Fruity and refreshing, this peach sour with Lactobacillus and a hint of Vanilla is a sweet-tart way to finish off summer!

Hyde Kriek Cherry Sour

Inspired by Hyde Creek, here in Port Coquitlam, and drawing homage to Belgian Kriek lambic beers, this is a double soured seasonal ale, featuring dark cherries.

Sweater Snag Dark Saison

A collaboration with Dageraad Brewing, this dark French saison features notes of star anise and a hint of black pepper.

Day Shift Mocha Brown

Brewed in collaboration with @ghostroasted coffee, our Day Shift Mocha Brown Ale features a late addition of cold brewed Brazilian full bloom tree dried natural @DaterraCoffee, along with cocao nibs and lactose.

Zinnhaus Vienna Lager

Back for 2022! A traditional Octoberfest beer, our Vienna Lager has a beautiful caramel colour, well-rounded malt profile, and subtle hop bitterness for a very drinkable, balanced beer.