Seasonals and One-Offs

Some of our beers are available seasonally, when the brewers feel inspired, or when the stars align.

No.104 Barrel-Aged Roundhouse Imperial Porter

Our Roundhouse Imperial Porter was barrel-aged in Bourbon barrels for 12 months, and bottle conditioned. Toasted malt, coffee and chocolate notes, balanced with a mellow Bourbon finish. Enjoy now or cellar for later.

No.101 Barrel-Aged Saison

Our Run Of The Mill Saison that spent a year aging in Bourbon barrels generously donated by our friends at Dageraad Beer, and bottle conditioned for another 6 months.

Highest Knoll Quad Hazy IPA

The biggest brother to our High Knoll Hazy IPA and our Higher Knoll Double Hazy IPA, this giant bomb of haziness in a super eye-catching can design is an extremely limited run of less than 25 cases! Try it in a “Climb the Knoll” flight (ISA, Hazy, Double and Quad)!

No.131 Barrel-Aged Pear Lemon Sour Ale

Almost 2 years ago to the day, we put Golden Hour Pear Sour into Bourbon Barrels, generously gifted from our friends at Dageraad Brewing. The result is a gorgeous, easy drinking sour ale with subtle hints of bourbon, pears, and lemon.

Wetlands Wheat Radler

Our Wetlands Wheat Ale blended with Cranberry, Orange and Lemon Juice. This delicious and refreshing blend is available ONLY in the tasting room while it lasts.

Lunar Shift Vietnamese Coffee Stout

Brewed for Tet New Year or Lunar New Year, our take on Vietnamese Coffee (cà phê sữa đá). This style of coffee is served cold on sweetened condensed milk. We have made this beer in partnership with Ghost Roaster Coffee, a local coffee roaster out of New Westminster, with Brazil Daterra Full Bloom 100% tree dried natural coffee.

Fall Away Pear Sour

A gorgeous, double soured golden ale – kettle soured with primary lager fermentation, and a secondary lactobacillus souring, after a generous addition of pears – and aged on bourbon oak for a smooth finish.

Mortal Peach Sour Ale

Fruity and refreshing, this peach sour with Lactobacillus and a hint of Vanilla is a sweet-tart way to finish off summer!